"Thank you so much for offering English Country Dancing to us...I have thoroughly enjoyed the dances. You are so patient with us!"
–Susan Pineda

I've been leading English Country Dancing since 1998 or so. I love so many things about ECD that it has led me to devote much time and energy to keeping it going in Santa Barbara, then in Ojai, and then in Ventura.

In October 2003, I began teaching my first formal class on Beginning English Country Dancing, for the Santa Barbara Country Dance Society and the Santa Barbara City Department of Parks and Recreation.

I tried ECD in the 80s but it didn't really "take" until the mid 90s. By 1995 it had started to grow on me to the extent that I took a chance attending what was then called Mendocino English Dance Week. That's what really hooked me, and now I try to make that week an annual pilgrimage.