"Whether a special-event high-caliber contra, a hall full of beginners or anything in-between, Gary Shapiro is the caller you want. Gary has a special talent for custom-tailoring his dances to please any mix of dancers; beginners will feel right at home throughout the evening while experienced dancers will enjoy a nice variety of contras, squares, and circles. I especially like Gary's "community dance spirit" and know that many dancers have returned again and again over the years because they feel welcome where he is calling.
   "Gary, a huge THANK YOU from the many of us who have enjoyed your dances over the years!"
—Judi Brown, dancer
Morro Bay, California

I'm told I have a good sense of humor, and that I select interesting dances. My focus is to provide success via just the right amount of challenge. This "right amount" varies a great deal depending on the community and on who shows up for a particular dance, the phase of the moon, etc. I'm not afraid to reprogram the evening on the fly based on how the evening is progressing and on the type of energy in the hall.

I began contra dancing in 1982, but didn't develop an addiction until 1990, upon attending my first Harvest Moon Dance Festival in Santa Barbara. I've hardly missed a Santa Barbara dance since.

In 1992, I decided to look into contra dance calling, because I was considering moving to another place where contra dancing was not. I subsequently decided to remain in Santa Barbara, but by then the wheels were in motion and it was too late to stop them.