Community/Family/Party Dancing
for wedding receptions, parties, corporate events, church and school groups, Civil War dances and barn dances
I have rarely seen that many people enjoying themselves at once in an event like that and it was heartwarming.
—Catering Connection
Santa Barbara
I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful evening! We keep getting more and more feedback and it is all fantastic. Everyone had a terrific night and had so much fun. You and the band were perfect, thank you. I am sure we will be doing this again in the not too distant future.
—Paul Carr
Goleta, California

Gary is one of the first people I think of in all of Southern California when I'm in need of a caller for a party. Somehow, he gets all those folks on their feet, everyone dancing, everyone smiling and laughing. It's wonderful to watch him change their perceptions from "I can't dance" to "This is really FUN!" 
—Jeff Spero
Musician, dancer, caller
Santa Monica, California

Dancing for you and your guests, without Arthur Murray™. Go directly to fun!

The live music will pick you up and move you and not just around the room.

You will smile until your cheeks hurt.

The dances are simple, but fun. We might use the term "barn dances" but barns and/or hay are the exception, not the rule.

For children we also employ singing games such as "London Bridge."

Live music with dancing for everyone.

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